Sunday, September 16, 2007

C'est Fini!!!

The Killer Michael B's are finally finished our mural in Toronto. We finished up this past Saturday. Next Saturday will be a BBQ gala event in the afternoon to celebrate the work that the Art Start group of youth, Mike Brodie, and I did on this old house. Mike and I are very pleased with the results. It's neat to see but sad at the same time knowing that this building will be demolished in a few short months. So if you want to take a look at it as it stands then you'd better get to 458 Oakwood Ave in Toronto as soon as you can and catch a glimpse of this beauty.

There is always a mixed bag of emotions that one feels when they complete a major project like this. Actually I assume that the same kind of feelings arise in people after finishing any kind of creative endevour. I can usually tell if something is good or not when I am done. Usually if a project is complete and I am happy I will have a hard time not staring at it. I get that gut feeling. It's almost like an emotional surge of adrenalin.

However no matter how much we like it and no matter how confident we are in the completed project we all still hope that others will share our enthusiasm and love it as much as we do. So for those who see this house in person and those who see it in photos only I hope you enjoy it as much as Mike Brodie, and the Oakwood neighborhood youth enjoyed working on it.

Thanks for all the help to the kids and to Sarah Bothwell of Art Start for hiring Mike and I. We will be starting another mural in Cambridge, Ontario on a youth drop-in centre called "The Popcorn House". Keep an eye out for photos of that progress when they are available.

Much Love


  1. boo! boom!

  2. looks awesome Michael. Congrats!
    Thank you for the kind postcard you mailed us.


  3. hey mike,

    the mural looks incredible. wish i could've made it down for the bbq. great job though... just beautiful.

    x kelly