Wednesday, May 02, 2012

New Blog!!

Hello lovely blog followers. I noticed in my settings that I have 53 followers of this blog. If that's the case then you will all notice that I haven't updated it in a long time. That's due in part to the fact that I have over extended myself with too many other avenues to post my work. I now have a new Wordpress blog that you can see has more recently updated stuff at the link below. I encourage you to follow that blog instead. I really do appreciate all the support and love. Thanks so much. mb Go here for newer work. Thanks.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Here is a piece that I did for the wonderful Honolulu magazine. It was a feature about a section of restaurants. It was a story about how expensive ingredients like fish are becoming for restaurants in Hawai'i. Such a fun time on this one.
All the best mb

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fantasy Football

This was a fun piece I did for the Hollywood Reporter. It's about how fantasy football and how it relates to Hollywood. This is an unusual job in that it was a rush job, sketches due on a Thursday or Friday and final for Monday, and I got a green light from one sketch. It was helpful in that the Art Director I worked with had an idea that I just riffed off of. I don't recommend other illustrators take this que. I usually send at least four different ideas. I had a bunch of other projects on the go when this came in so I did what I could to see the AD's vision through. I think I did alright. It was lots of fun.


Jump To The Front

This was for the Wall Street Journal about aspiring ETF sponsors seeking creative ways to jump to the front of the line to help people with their investments. I had a lot of fun with this one.


Regulatory Reform

Here is a few pieces I did for a job with Detroit Business magazine. It was an interesting piece about how business basically have their hands tied up in so much red tape that it's making it difficult for business growth. Michigan companies are finding themselves jumping through hoops and dealing with ridiculous regulations. The three spot illustrations are for a few of the silly regulations involved. The piece with the hoops was the full page opener.

Spot 1: Excessive rules on child care — it is government-mandated that child care workers must smile.

Spot 2: Barbershop wastebaskets — there are rules mandating how often wastebaskets must be emptied and the size of the wastebaskets barbers should use.

Spot 3: Rules set for boards that don’t exist — such as the Board of Landscape Architects and the Board of Forensic Polygraph Examiners.

Spot 4: Obsolete recordkeeping — rules for the Public Service Commission mandate that records must be kept in punch-card format, preventing digital recordkeeping.

Spot 5: Obsolete signature-gathering — wage and hour rules prevent electronic signatures, a now common practice used on federal documents such as student loan documents.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Here is a recent piece I did for Texas Monthly Magazine. This was a fun piece to go with a story about two female friends and a day at the pool venting and gossiping about their live, their children, and other life stuff. This was one of those jobs where the Art Director didn't really give a lot of direction and left the creative part up to me which as well all know doesn't always work out like that.
Below is the piece in layout as well as on it's own.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Here is a recent piece I did for the National Post newspaper here in Canada. It was the cover for a section on cottage country called Muskoka Bound. If the weather is anything like it is here in Guelph then I'm sure you all would love to be able to do this today instead of working in a studio. I know I do.

All The Best

Friday, July 01, 2011


I've never been to the Pike Place Market, yet I've found myself becoming very familiar with the historical market located in beautiful Seattle. As some of you know I do maps as well as editorial illustrations. They can be a lot of work sometimes however for the most part very fun and informative. I get to learn a lot about interesting places that I have yet to visit.
The Pike Place Market is one of those places. Thanks to my Fresh page in the Illustration Annual of Communication Arts magazine, I got a call from Andre Mora at Seattle Met magazine. They wanted to do an illustrated map of the market that is not only fun but effective in helping people navigate through the market and still be something that they might want as a keep sake. Let me start by saying that there are great art directors, art directors that just do their job, and art directors that go out of their way to not only make the work great but promote you and your work.
Andre Mora fits into all categories. It was such a pleasure to work with him. If he's not on your list of art directors to work with then he should be. I find in this business that many make wish lists of clients they want to work with and usually their lists consist of art directors that work at the major publication like the New York Times or Rolling Stone etc. Well we must not forget about the smaller publications or place specific publications. Some of my best work and some of the best art directors I've worked with have been from such publications. Examples would be Honolulu magazine, Hour Detroit Magazine, and now I add Seattle Met and Andre Mora to my list. My friend and peer, Dan Page gave me some good advice with regards to art directors and client wish lists. It's amazing if you get to work with the big guys like NY Times, etc. however they use a large variety of illustrators. There are many cases where they might only use you once and then onto the next person. However the same can happen with smaller publications however in a lot of cases if you develop a great working relationship with the art directors there then you have a better chance of them using you time and time again. Or if you're really lucky you are able to score a monthly gig. Now I'm not saying in any way to give up on your wish list and to discount the larger publications. I'm just saying not to forget about the smaller ones. Sorry for going off on a tangent here. Back to the Pike Place project.
I hadn't even started working with Andre on this map and he had already suggested me as a great option to do a map for their sister publication, Portland Monthly. I wasn't even totally finished this map and I got a call from Michael Novak at Portland Monthly to do a map for them. I thought that was really great of Andre to do that before we had even worked together.
Andre was pumped about this Pike Place map for Seattle Met. He was so pumped that Seattle Met took the sketches I was doing to the officials at the Market who loved it. They asked if some extras could be printed to just hand out for free people at the Market.
So cool. Now I feel a need to travel to Seattle to see this place for myself.
Below is the map as it's been printed. Enjoy.

All the Best

Monday, June 27, 2011


Here is a piece I did for Hour Detroit magazine. It was a lot of fun and super fascinating. It was about this new system of crime fighting that the Detroit police have been using. It's called Shot stopper. It's a series of sensors that are mounted to the tops of buildings and lamp posts etc. They are able to pick up the sound of a gun shot in seconds and relay the location the shot came from to the police who then are able to respond in minutes. I decreases the amount of get-aways.

All the best.


INC Business stuff

Here are some illos I did for a recent issue of INC magazine. It was for a section of different solutions to help business be for efficient and grow.
The first was the opener. The others were smaller illos.


Get an intern:

Business Perks:

Travel help:

All the Best